Black rats

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Also known as “surmulot” in Quebec, the color of the black rat may vary. Its coat varies between black and hazel color. However, the underside of his body (the part representing his belly) is lighter in color. The body of the black rat measures an average of twenty centimeters, to which we must add another twenty centimeters for the tail. Often considered wrong for a mouse, the black rat is much heavier; with a weight around 300 g, it is up to 6 times heavier than the mouse. It has an elongated and thinner body than the Norway rat, but also has a small pointed snout and large ears.



Unlike the Norwegian rat or the rat, the black rat is a poor swimmer. If he does not know how to swim, he excels at climbing: he is a better climber, and he tries to flee from above rather than through water. It is not uncommon to find black rats in walls, pipes and even pipes.

On the other hand, the problems of black rats are often found in attics. They like to elect their home in high places and in the dark, dry, nooks and crannies of buildings; in this case, your attic is the ideal place. He has also inherited the rat nickname of granaries, unlike the sewer rats hiding mainly in lower parts of buildings or in floor galleries.



The black rat is a nocturnal and omnivorous animal, which has a preference for seeds as well as fruits. He is very suspicious, more than the rat sewer, and is very conservative in his food. It does not change its diet often and can take a long time to tame and consume new food. On the other hand, if the food is missing, the black rat adapts and can eat all that is within reach.

Under ideal conditions, the black rat can reproduce throughout the year. Females can have between 3 and 6 litters a year, each of which has up to 10 pups. However, females know how to adapt to their condition of life; they are therefore able to regulate their fertility and produce only one litter a year when food is scarce.



It is therefore recommended to use the services of black rat exterminators for all infestation problems; since this rodent is of a suspicious nature, it requires the work of experts in the field as well as the use of adequate techniques and materials for its capture. Do not improvise! Let the exterminator team of Black Rats at PK Extermination do the work for you. We perform safe and efficient work, guaranteed!



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