Sewer rats

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Featuring a variety of names such as sewage rats, sewer rats or even brown rats, its rodents can be very damaging to your home. From brown to gray, it has a stocky body between 15 and 20 cm long, without the tail. However, the sewer rat can reach up to 50 cm from muzzle to tail.

Very heavy, it weighs between 300 and 800 grams. He has small eyes and small ears and a slender snout. His sense of smell is very developed; he is able to detect toxic foods in his diet and can therefore avoid them. The sewer rat also has very sharp teeth and claws allowing him to dig with ease; Whether it’s your yard, your gallery or the inside of your walls, there is not much to his test … His fur is shaggy and his excrement is capsule-shaped.

The sewer rat is very robust and it becomes quite a task to dispose of it properly. They can cause considerable damage to your home, as well as decrease your food stocks and ruin your garden. That is why it is recommended to call on the services of a team of rat exterminators. Whatever your problem, our staff is ready to meet all your needs for the extermination of sewer rats; Whether in the walls, in your house, in the pipes and ducting or even in your attic, we have the necessary equipment to complete the required task.



The sewer rat is a very greedy rodent. Although classified as an omnivore, this rodent eats everything: fruits, vegetables, seeds and even meat. In fact, everything within reach … He is also a very big water drinker. Like mice, this type of rat is a carrier of disease and is mostly active during the evening and at night.

Do you live on a farm or do you have chickens? Pay attention ! The sewer rat is even able to tackle chickens and ducks.

Having a limited life expectancy between 2 and 3 years on average, this species of rodent benefits from a very effective means of reproduction. They are able to reproduce during the whole year and the female can carry up to twelve litters per year, each including about ten cubs. It is therefore important to take all necessary precautions to treat an infestation of sewer rats; you would not want to raise a family of rodents!



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