Wasps and hornets

Are you looking for an effective and sustainable solution in wasp nest extermination? Do you dare to destroy a nest of wasps yourself? Do you want to keep wasps away from your home? The solution is simple; call on the wasp nest extermination experts at PK Extermination! Performed by professionals in the field, you will finally get rid of your wasp problem at home. We are even able to travel throughout Quebec to offer you our services; whether you are on the North Shore in Laval, on the South Shore in Longueuil or in Drummondville or even on the Island of Montreal, our team will take care of the extermination of insects in your home.



Bee or wasp? Although with some similarities, it is important to distinguish between the two insects in order to properly get rid of a potential infestation. Be aware that wasps can become very aggressive when and their nest are disturbed. They are very protective in nature and are ready to defend themselves and attack anyone who ventures too close to their nest. Bees, on the other hand, only want to make honey and its nature much calmer, even in the presence of humans. Think of honey growers’ videos covered with hundreds of bees, for example.

The wasp has a necrophagous and predatory behavior and feeds mainly on proteins from spiders, insects and small animals. They live either alone or in colonies of up to thousands of individuals. The so-called social wasps create a nest with a queen that will lay eggs for the entire colony. On her death, a worker will take over the spawning until the production of a new queen.



There are, however, several species of wasps in Quebec. We can find the common wasp, soil, mason, blue-headed, common hornet, Asian, European … The most widespread in Quebec is the “young wasp” or wasp common. It is normally between 1 and 3 cm and easily recognizable by its appearance, most often striped black and yellow. She is very thin and hairless. The female wasps are equipped with a formidable weapon: the sting. It is located at the end of its female worker body only since the queens do not have any. They can inflict a very painful sting or cause a very serious allergic reaction in some people.



Yes, there are products and treatments to deal with a wasp infestation. However, these products are too weak and do not solve your problem. Even if you sprinkle the nest from the outside, you do not reach the heart of the problem that is actually inside the nest. As long as the queen is alive and warm inside the nest, activity will continue. You need to use real professionals to solve your problem properly.

If, unfortunately, you disturb a wasp’s nest and do not know how to react, the best thing to do is to stay calm and move back very slowly without making a sudden movement. Wasps have very limited vision, but are oriented by their ability to detect movements and breaths. It is therefore very important to let professionals take care of getting rid of an infestation in your home. You are thus assured of a wasp nest extermination of the most effective. We work with meticulousness, calm and patience. We do not rush our procedure so as not to disturb the wasps. And then we’ve developed expertise in wasp nest extermination so we’ll know how to do it to give you the peace of mind you deserve. Call us now!



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