Capture d’animaux

Whether inside or outside your home. We catch unwanted animals for you. We will relocate them more than 10 km from your home.


Let us get rid of this problem and show you the access points on your property. We can even block them for you with our caulking team.



You Want to Know What Kind of Bug You Have in Your Home

At PK Extermination we customize our pest programs to fit your needs. We will listen carefully to understand your needs and carefully assessing your facilities through detailed inspections. We’ll be happy to provide you with a free consultation and estimate so that you can learn about our wide range of services and find what action need to be taken to solve your pest control problem.


Efficient and Powerful Pressure Treatment

This kind of treatment is reliable and efficient to eradicate some hard to get rid of insect like roaches and bedbugs carpenter ants and other insect or pest that like to hide in your walls, floors, ceiling or other closed or sealed area. This process can get you ridded of large amount of pest right at the source of infestation.

Seasonal Prevention Treatment and Elimination of Spiders, Ants, Earwig…

Every spring bring us a new wave of warm and variety of invasive insects like spiders, ants, earwig…that can rapidly take over your backyard, pool parties, bbq, and patio and find their way in your house. They even make their way into apartment and condo and on the highest floor of habitation towers.

Be prepared and ready and ask our technicians to treat even before it started so you can enjoy your summer quietly without being infested by unwanted visitor.

Outside prevention is the key to keep insects far from your home, pavement, patio or any structure or landscaping where they would love to quietly establish their settlement.


Woodloose and Wasp Nest

Woodlooose or sow bugs even if they are harmless are unwanted disturbing visitor that love humidity of bathroom and basement.

As for wasp they can rapidly ruin your family supper outside with their invasive, aggressive and sustain presence. Some species like to make their nest on your front roof others like your windows edge, walls, soffits, and hedges, trees, under your balcony, shed and even in the ground. Don’t try to get rid of them yourself you can have an unpleasant experience and painful sting. You better ask our qualify technician to get rid of them for you in an efficient and professional matter.


Safe Biodegradable Products

We only use safe and biodegradable product that that would not put at risk your health or your pet health or harm the environment. We use product that target the insect for every specific case.


Professional Service by Certified Technician

Our technicians are pest control specialist: you can trust their knowledge and experience completely to solve your pest or insect infestation of any kind. They are qualify, skilled, hardworking, dedicated and efficient they will guide, assist and advice you in all openness and honesty. Their goal: help you find back your piece of mind and let you get rid of your pest control problem in a fast and effective manner.


Written Work Warranty and Work Order

For every pest control work we do for you, you will have a written warranty that fits your needs and will give you peace of mind for length of 1 month, 3 month, 6 month, 1year an even 2-3 years for some case. We also gave you a work order for every intervention we do to solve your pest control problem with all details of actions, technical detail and products use every step of the process. Every product with its homologation number is clearly written on your working order.


Inspection Before You Buy a House or Building

We offer you house and building before you buy them. Our goal : find any current or past pest control problem, vulnerability or any kind of trace or weakness that can favor a future infestation.

Inspection of entry point: we inspect and show you weak and vulnerable spots on your property where rodents can come inside.

We also offer you the answer: caulking. We will block properly and efficiently all vulnerable and entry point for: mouse, rats, bats, birds, squirrels and even to a certain extend for wasp and hornets.



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