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The flea is a tiny insect that measures between 2.5 mm and 5 mm with a color ranging from black to brownish. It has six legs and several bristles on the body and legs. On his head, the chip has two short antennas. She also has a mouth that allows her to easily prick and suck the blood of her victims. The flea can attack both humans and animals; So be careful of your dog or cat! She is more likely to establish her home in your pet’s hair when the temperature is hot and humid; remember to check your pet’s fur frequently during the summer season. Being a jumping insect, the flea can jump up to a distance of 40 cm horizontally. On the breeding side, the female will lay 4 to 8 eggs each time she feeds. The chip can therefore reproduce itself to a fulgurating visit, if it is not detected quickly and treated effectively.

Although very difficult to discern due to its size, it is very important to act quickly as soon as you notice the presence of fleas at home. The flea is a nocturnal insect that tends to hide during the day and avoid light. She is attracted by heat and carbon dioxide. She feeds on everything she can find under her hand; dust, hair, hair, moss, waste, excrement, etc. However, it also feeds on human blood … It is on this last point that we must insist. Fleas are parasites that can transmit several diseases and bacteria to their victims, be it a human, a rodent or an animal. How do you know if you have been bitten or stung by a flea? You will feel a particularly disturbing itch and you will see the appearance of bites in the form of small red dots, often aligned. Fleas are usually aimed at the ankle and leg areas, but are still able to attack the entire body. In this case, consult a doctor or pharmacist.

However, for anti-chip treatment for your home, use a team of chip exterminators such as the one at PK Extermination.



There are some tips to effectively fight against a home flea invasion. The first thing to do is to keep your home clean and tidy; it is suggested to vacuum or broom every other day, wash bedding, mattresses and cushions at least once a week, and take the time to inspect the sheets or mattress and watch for appearance of spots. Note that fleas can also end up on mattresses, cushions or pet mats; remember to watch them too. Check for spots that look like small black pudding or small white eggs. This could mean a flea infestation. Call PK extermination exterminator experts and we’ll solve your problem efficiently and safely.



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