Looking for a mouse exterminator on the South Shore of Montreal? You do not know how to resist a mouse infestation? And then, once they are installed, you want to know how to get rid of them? The solution is simple: call on PK Extermination’s team of experts! Our team possesses the skills, knowledge and professionalism required to handle all of our clients’ extermination requests. We will guide you during all stages of your extermination project or during the different stages of your treatment against mice, flies or spiders. Let real experts take care of your extermination and say goodbye to your unwanted tenants!



Mice are loving rodents to build their nest in an underground burrow. They manage to break into very small spaces, often in search of food. They can decide to settle in your attic, in your ceilings, in an empty space between two floors, in your basement or even between the different layers of your walls. In addition, playing at the hiding place is one of their favorite activities; the mice usually stay hidden during the day and only go out in the evening and at night. It goes without saying that it becomes so complex to eradicate them by oneself, especially when the mice are found in the walls.



The average mouse will reach sexual maturity at 2 months. It breeds any time of the year and can have between 4 to 7 litters per year, with between 6 to 8 pups. Mice have a habit of leaving feces and urine everywhere in their path; this contaminates the affected areas, often storage spaces and spaces containing food (cupboard, pantry, cold room, etc.). It is therefore important to effectively treat a mouse infestation problem because they have the ability to reproduce quickly and in large numbers. In no time, you could end up with more than a dozen mice if you wait too long …



Our team of South Island mouse exterminators is proud to offer a service tailored to your needs. We have all the necessary equipment to ensure a quick and safe extermination. We use safe biodegradable products that will not endanger the health and safety of humans and pets, while being certified environmentally friendly. We will not harm your health, the health of your animals, or the environment. PK Extermination is a proud company to use effective products that target and act only against what they were designed for.

Our exterminators are experts in parasite management: trust their experience and knowledge to solve your problems of insect infestation or rodent. They are qualified and hard working and will be able to advise you properly according to your extermination needs. Their goal: to help you regain your peace of mind and get rid of your parasites.



Every service offered by PK Extermination is guaranteed in writing; that is to say, there remains a trace of each extermination on paper. This way, you will be able to document each intervention and stay abreast of the details, even the most technical ones. We also have a duty to indicate all the products used during the extermination project. This is clearly stated on your contract and work order. It is important for us that you are informed about all procedures since we want to offer you a service of the most transparent in the field.



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