How to keep rodents out of your house?

Now that the temperature is down, mice, squirrels, rats and other rodents are looking for a comfortable, warm, predator free place to settle down and start their small family. Mice do not have a very good view so they detect heat loss on your home or building. Mice only need a quarter inch opening (like […]

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Carpenter ants

Twenty-four species of carpenter ants are structural or nuisance pests in North America, although each species may be found in different regions. All carpenter ants can be recognized by the evenly rounded thorax when viewed from the side. Color is variable amongst the species, from black, red and black, to even a yellowish-brown. The black […]

Outside prevention

Outside Prevention Treatment : The best way to prevent insect infestation. Although they are necessary in our ecological system, insects and rodents can cause huge damage in your property. If an infestation occurs, many objects may be eaten, drilled or soiled, they can also eat and contaminate your food, some may even attack the structure […]

Preparation of the premises for bed bugs treatment

  Preparation of the premises for bed bugs treatment. Proper preparation of the residence is the key to ensure the efficacy and safety of a bed bug treatment. Before our arrival, please read and make the preparations listed below. Your collaboration is essential to the success of the treatment and will be greatly appreciated. Please […]



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