How to keep rodents out of your house?

Now that the temperature is down, mice, squirrels, rats and other rodents are looking for a comfortable, warm, predator free place to settle down and start their small family.

Mice do not have a very good view so they detect heat loss on your home or building.

Mice only need a quarter inch opening (like a straw at McDonald’s) to get into your home and are great climbers.

Rats and Squirrels they need a little bigger to come into your property about the size between a 25 cents and a dollar.

In fact for all rodents if their muzzle goes into the hole then everything else can enter too. Their cranial limb is not welded into a piece like us, so it can lower to allow them entry and then the rest of their body stretches and here they are entered.

Once entered then the mouse will establish his family at the rate of 4 to 7 litters per year with 6 to 8 pups per litter. The little mice will reach sexual maturity at about 2 months and it will also contribute to the expansion of the family that we can now call a colony …

This colony will contaminate your home by leaving thousands of drops of urine everywhere, excrement not to mention the physical damage mainly in the walls, attics, basement, insulation … and even the risk of gnawing son electric or water pipe.

How to avoid infestations of mice, rats, or other rodents?

Block their access. By properly caulking access points you will avoid a problem of rodents settling in your home. But beware you can not block anything anyhow. Many access points on a house or building are voluntary during construction. They are needed to ventilate the house and remove excess moisture from the walls. They must therefore block effectively and intelligently.

At Extermination PK we offer you the inspection and caulking service, we have qualified and experienced employees who will guide you and help you prevent infestations of mice, field mice, squirrels, rats or other rodents.

If you already have rodent or insect infestations we can help you solve your problem. We can also advise you on pest management to make your property a place without infestations.

Prevention, a good management of your environment and the awareness that sometimes your lifestyle increases the chance of infestation, you will help keep rodents and insects in their place or they can do their work without inconvenience.



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