Preparation of the premises for bed bugs treatment


Preparation of the premises for bed bugs treatment.

Proper preparation of the residence is the key to ensure the efficacy and safety of a bed bug treatment. Before our arrival, please read and make the preparations listed below. Your collaboration is essential to the success of the treatment and will be greatly appreciated. Please read carefully the following in order to be adequately prepared.


Before treatment

  • Remove any bulky objects from the areas to be treated.
  • Vacuum on the beds, on the mattress seams, on the baseboards, on the floor and on objects located near the bed. Then discard the vacuum cleaner bag and place it in a hermetically sealed garbage bag before disposing.
  • Remove all clothing from the dressers and wardrobes, and then place them in clean plastic bags or plastic bins.
  • Remove personal items from bedside, convenient or other furniture located in the bedrooms. Place items in new plastic bags.
  • Furniture and objects must be moved at least 12 inches (30 cm) from the walls to facilitate the spraying of baseboards.
  • Remove all bed sheets and cradles before the technician arrives.
  • Remove pictures and mirrors attached to the walls. (Ask your technician for details)


  • Place all clothing and bedding in garbage bags (with a tight twisted knot), then place items directly into the washing machine. Then discard the garbage bags used in hermetically sealed new garbage bags.
  • When clean, place clothing and bedding items in new garbage bags and keep seals throughout the treatment. The old garbage bags will have to be thrown into hermetically sealed bags.
  • All clean clothes should be placed in the dryer for a cycle of 60 minutes at high temperature. For clothes that do not go to the dryer, dry cleaning is recommended.
  • Wash all seat covers and decorative sheets before treatment.



  • All bedding items must be removed from the beds before the technician arrives.
  • Disposal of furniture
  • If you are planning to depart from bed bug-infested furniture, you will need to:
  • Wrap the piece of furniture in plastic so that the bed bugs cannot escape.
  • Disassemble or damage the item to make sure it cannot be used again.
  • Place the piece of furniture on the road shortly before pickup, to prevent it from being picked up by a third person.


Process of treatment

The treatment will vary depending on the type of dwelling, the areas where the activity of the pests has been detected and the severity of the infestation. Bed bugs are extremely stealthy and hide in places that are difficult to access. It is for this reason that P.K. Extermination recommends a two treatment approach.

P.K. Extermination tries to minimize the use of pesticides. To achieve this, we are committed to using pesticides in a responsible manner. To do this, we will use the pesticides in the appropriate places as well as for the appropriate insects. Certified in Pest Control, the technician will review with you the strategy best suited to your situation. He will be able to answer all your questions.


When to re-enter the apartment?

The technician will advise you of the period during which you will have to leave your home and when your family will be able to re-enter it safely. As a general rule, residents must leave their homes for a period of 6 hours after treatment. However, it is recommended that pregnant women, newborns, immuno-suppressed persons and persons with heart or lung disease leave their homes for a period of 12 hours.


Follow-up treatment

A follow-up visit will be made between 21 and 30 days after the initial application. During the period preceding this follow-up, keep your personal items and clothes stored in the plastic bags or bins used during the initial treatment, and avoid placing the tables and mirrors in their original positions. Avoid incorporating new furniture into the house until the area is judged to be exterminated by our technicians.



Prior to the implementation of a treatment, our technicians will review all the strategies that can be used and answer any questions you may have.


The entire P.K. Extermination team thanks you in advance for your cooperation.

Good preparation!


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