Outside prevention

Outside Prevention Treatment : The best way to prevent insect infestation.

Although they are necessary in our ecological system, insects and rodents can cause huge damage in your property. If an infestation occurs, many objects may be eaten, drilled or soiled, they can also eat and contaminate your food, some may even attack the structure of your property, sting you, bite you and even be the vector certain disease. Damage caused by insects and other small animals is irreversible; It is therefore essential to prevent them.

So why not set up a pest control management plan for your property?

Establish your level of tolerance, your threshold of intervention, and start your integrated action plan: in physical, mechanical, natural and chemical ways or whichever is necessary.


What is an exterior prevention treatment?

The goal is not to eradicate all the insects of your property. We want to let the insects do their work on your land, but prevent them from causing harm to you or your buildings or your landscaping.

Example: sand or pavement ants, Brown or black, will ventilate your lawn, your flowerbeds, your garden and get rid of other insect pests. But if your soil is of poor quality, your turf too thinned, they’ll take over and your turf and will quickly look like a huge square of sand. They will also undermine your paving stones, landscaping, cement, around your pool and infiltrated in your home in search of food: crumb, waste, dirt as grease and oil, flour, sugar… they’ll also pass the message to their colonies and their presence will quickly multiply. Remember, the ants you see represent only 5 to 10% come out of the nest, a Queen can lay up to 2000 eggs per season and live up to 20 years. The nest can have a radius of action of 150m and you can have multiple nests on your property.

So with an outside prevention treatment we treat all the places where you do not want them to cause damage or to infiltrate your house. We delimit their territory letting them do their job where it necessary and useful and we blocked them from where they are harmful or not wanted : pavement, balcony, fence, around your pool, patio, shed, decoration, spa, all entry points on your house: foundation, door, window, soffit, faults, different construction materials joint , around electrical wires or air conditioning… wherever they can enter.


Against what insects are this treatment effective?

The majority of our customers are treated for these 6 insects but it is effective on any outside insects trying to infiltrate your property.

  • Ants
  • Wasp & Hornets
  • Spiders
  • Pill Bugs
  • Earwigs
  • Ladybugs

Of course the treatment uses a broad spectrum pesticides that will eliminate all sorts of outdoor insects attempting to penetrate your property.


What other means of struggle can I use?

Your technician in pest control management from Extermination PK, can go around your property with you and establish a pest control management plan, according to your demands, your threshold of tolerance and intervention and offered you concrete solutions and actions to reduce your risk of infestations, eliminate bad habits or evaluate adjustments to be made in your landscaping to lower the risk of unwanted infestation.

Example: eliminate dead and rotten wood, identify diseased or already attacked trees, rethink the location of your BBQ or trash cans, reduce or trim vegetation in direct contact with your home, repaired, treated or painted patios, shed or other structure infested or that may become infested, put food, granules or other bates where you want to attracted them… our technicians will look at your landscaping, they will be able to quickly detect the problem areas and advise you adequately.


When do you need to do this? and what does the exterior prevention treatment includes?

1) in general the first treatment early in spring season just after the snow melted and an average temperature of + 10 Celcius.

Some prefer to wait until the problems manifest to do the treatment. This is where your threshold of tolerance and intervention comes into play.

I prefer sooner so insects get used to staying in untreated places and it is easier to make them go to the right places when they deviate from their route or send scouts to explored future interesting areas for them.

Of course it is better late than ever, but it is never too late to be treated if a problem declares itself.

2) There is a second treatment between mid-August and mid-September for two main reasons: firstly pesticides are severely controlled and their lifespan is short-lived, secondly there is a second wave of different insects that take over from the month of August: wasps, spiders, ladybug, Earwig…

If you have problems of localized infestations between treatments we will gladly comeback to treat the infested areas, or comeback to remove a nest of wasps that will bother you, or if they found a way to enter your property or other problems with outdoor insects we will come back for free.

Outdoor prevention treatments protect you until the winter comes.

If you are doing outside prevention you will save on the costs that can added up very quickly. A prevention treatment costs less than a treatment to solve a problem inside your home, without counting the repairs, or physical actions you will have to take. You also will have to treat the outside anyway so…

Better safe than sorry.

Contact us, we will send you a technician to make you a estimation of cost and who will be able to do your treatment when you are ready.



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